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Thank you for taking time to discover more about The Custom Minds Photography Studio. We are located in Houston, Texas. Easy access combined with a relaxed tranquil environment makes Custom Minds Photography Studio the studio of choice for photographers all over Texas.

Studio rental

Are you a photographer? Do you need studio space for the day?
If you're not familiar with working in a Studio don't panic! We'll give you all the help and assistance you need. If you're a seasoned pro, we'll leave you to it.

The White Room


Our studio is a white room where the walls & floors are one color. This makes for easier separation of the final image if its intended use is on a magazine layout or a web page.

Professional Studio Lighting

We use the Alien Bees B800's. They are self-contained studio flash units which produce 320 true watts per second and 800 effective watts per second of power. The Alien Bee B800 outputs 14,000 lumens per second. It is adjustable from full down to 1/32nd of the total power, in whole f-stop increments and everywhere in-between. The Alien Bees B800 are built for 'bang-bang' shooting. With a speed recycle to full power in just 1 second, you will never need to wait for your next shot.

Our 32"x40" softboxes provide a soft, diffused output that evenly covers the subject with a gorgeous wash of light. Each box has a highly-reflective silver lining to bounce the light before it's diffused through the front panel for a soft, even spread of light. Additionally it has a second internal baffle for double diffusion to create even softer results.


For our backdrops, we use Savage Universal's Photowide and Widetone seamless background papers. They are a high quality, fine tooth non-reflecting surface which has been used by professional photographers for fifty-five years. The Widetone comes in lengths of 26", 53" and 107". The Photowide is 140" across. Always in stock are pure white, black and thunder gray of the Photowide. upon request we can provide any of the following backgrounds. Backdrop colors (PDF)

Computer Equipment
  A graphics workstation is provided to assist with the shoot. If shooting digital, it allows the option to temporarily store your photos for creating DVD’s.

Relaxed Environment
  Great photos come when you are comfortable with both your photographer
and environment. We have many techniques to help relax models and make
them feel at home.


  Please contact us regarding rates.

If you have unique requirements, we will work with you. Just e-mail us!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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