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Your photos will be a storybook of memories to friends, family and most importantly, your love for each other. We specialize in creating memorable moments, filled with emotion, affection and lasting impressions. By capturing each spontaneous and beautiful moment, the result is a collection of images that is as unique and individual as you are. The magic of your wedding day is something that you will share and enjoy for generations to come. Our wedding coverage is custom tailored to fit your needs.

Bridal Portraits

Austin Texas Wedding - Bridal Portrait - Austin TexasBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBridesmaid - Wedding Portrait - Austin TexasBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitHouston Texas Bridal Photography courtesy of Custom Minds PhotographySugarland Bridal Photography - Custom Minds Photography
Houston Bridal Photography courtesy of Custom Minds PhotographyBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitIndian Wedding bridal Portrait - Dallas TexasTokyo Wedding Photographer - Bride before the ceremony
Bride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitKorean bridal portrait - bluebonnets, houston texasChapelwood Bridal Portraits - Houston TexasBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer Portrait

The Bridal Session is once again comprised of two elements… The photography and the selection. The photography session is scheduled about three weeks before your wedding. This allows the time to have a complete dry run in your dress. Occasionally, a groom is included in this session. It is highly recommended but not required. The bride’s necessity for a separate portrait session is due the complexity of wedding gowns. Think of this session as finishing school. It gives you time to get familiar with your dress and with the poses that would be most flattering to the style you selected.

During our session you will get a chance to see how your dress will wear. Your dress can wear differently when you wear it in a situation that is physically more challenging than in standing in front of a alteration expert’s mirror. Often enough a bride will return to have a second final fitting for subtle but important alterations. A blown hem or a less functional length can distract you from what is most important the day of the wedding. It can distract you from having fun. (Remember, a seamstress is a crucial member of your wedding team.)

Whether we go on location or create in studio we will make a variety of stylings for you to preview. Once again we will take you through a variety of styles and postures to determine the best light in which to photograph you. Together we decide. We both want to make sure you will look your best at your wedding and in our images.

When attending your Bridal Session, you should bring a person who will be at your wedding. Having a close friend with you to help you with your clothes at your bridal session is advised. However, if that is not possible, or if you are unable to, please do inform us. At your request, we may be able to arrange for an assistant to help with your dress.

The bridal portrait preview must be scheduled as close to the portrait session as possible to allow for quality production of the final image. Remember, the portrait you receive for the session has no direct costs associated to it. We display a single image from both sessions for several reasons. Most couples identify the marketing value of this. But believe it or not the reason we began displaying images at weddings was that it created an air of cooperation. This display develops the final relationship that will make for a successful wedding. When your guests see the wonderful portraits on display, it fosters a trust that we will do the same for them in any of the photographs that they may be in. Guests will also realize that we are there for you and the photography is an important element in your wedding.

One of the biggest concerns a bride may have is keeping the groom from seeing any of the bridal portraits prior to the wedding. Even if the final interview is scheduled immediately following the bridal portrait preview, we will sequester the groom and display with caution. It is easily managed. In general, the standard in today’s weddings is that the groom may not see the bride in her dress prior to the ceremony. If you wish to see each other prior to the ceremony, remember we are here for you.

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Engagement Photos
A Kiss in the park, Engagement Photos - Hermann Park, Houston, TexasA Kiss at the University of Rice, Engagement photos,  Houston, TexasA wedding rose - Manitoba Wedding PhotographerGive me a Kiss! - Canadian Wedding PhotographerThe wedding party - Winnipeg Wedding PhotographerKorean bridal portrait - bluebonnets, houston texasKorean bridal portrait - bluebonnets, houston texas
The Engagement Session is the time when your photographer begins building a friendship and a trust that will assist him in understanding the nuances of your personalities. This friendship creates an intuitive understanding that only a friend can have. This intuition is what sets us apart. We get emotionally involved with our work and it shows. This allows us to become part of the day. The traditional photographer is more likely to break up the wedding by stopping moments to consult with you instead of seamlessly flowing through the day. Our style is more invisible. We know when to enter into your awareness and when to remain outside, capturing moments in the light that they occur. You and your guests are less likely to freeze up when we enter a situation because you will only notice your friend with a camera is there, not just an outsider. A wedding is the coming together of all friends and family to celebrate in unity. We will join in as a member of the celebration. As a friend we can enter in and out of your attention span with hardly a notice. Our goal is to blend in with your event so that you cannot separate the final images with your experience. Our engagement portrait process is the foundation of our relationship, which fosters our favorite and most frequent compliment, “your work is so beautiful and we hardly knew you were there.” Regardless of any trepidation to having your pictures taken, you will enjoy the time we spend together.

The second half of the Engagement Session is the selection process. You will work with our Portrait & Album Designers. They will guide you through the selection process and discuss the details of your preferences. Our Designers will relate your visual preferences back to your photographer. Your photographic selections will be crafted and delivered to you in a timely fashion. This is the process by which you will preview and select your bridal portrait and design your album.

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The Ceremony
Tokyo wedding photos - opening of the sake case, tokyo japanTokyo wedding photos - During the ceremonyTokyo wedding photos - after the ceremony, congratulations!Korean Wedding Photos, houston texasBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitCorpus Christi wedding photographer - after the ceremony, congratulations!Bride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer Portrait
Indian and Arabic Wedding - Dallas TexasBride and Groom leaving wedding - Church in Houston TexasCorpus Christi Wedding KissNavasota wedding photographer - Walking down the isle - Navasota, TexasSugarland Texas - Wedding Photography by Custom Minds PhotographyBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer Portrait
Your decision to choose Custom Minds Photography was made based on our talent, our professionalism and our personality. Our process requires a team effort. We find joy in the unique qualities expressed by each individual couple we work with. The individuality of our final product is what drives us to pursue our craft. Each wedding is a new day… a new experience… and a new expression for us. Each wedding is a new canvass and our camera our paintbrush. While our style may be recognizable, we enjoy exploring the range of our talent and producing a “one of a kind” album. Your wedding album is the art gallery that displays our work. We will guide you and make creative suggestions for the display of our work, but the final decisions for the gallery are yours. Our uniqueness is found in the telling of your story through our art. Your album is not only a reflection of our ability, but of your personality. The process by which we develop our concept and understanding of you is indelible. This is the process that generates our renowned work. A long time ago we made the decision to become part of our product. As artists, our hearts go into our work and our process is part of our artistry. Removing part of our process would remove our artistry and the reason you selected us, thus removing our style. Remember, we are who we are. Our joint efforts will create an enjoyable experience. We look forward to a friendship that will assist us in creating your future memories.

And maybe… just maybe… you will hang our art on your refrigerator.

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Receptions and more
Bride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitGroom and Mother dance - First Dance - Austin TexasBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitAllen House Reception Hall - Wedding Photographer - Austin TexasNavasota wedding photographer - Navasota, TexasThrowing flowers as the bride and groom exit the reception hall - Houston Texaschildren walking towards groom in a Houston church.Bride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer Portrait
Bride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitWedding Family Photos at Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant, Houston Texas in the Galleria AreaBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitWedding Family Photos - Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant, Houston Texas - Galleria Area
Corpus Christi wedding photographer - after the ceremony, congratulations!Groomsmen posing for group photo - Houston, TexasBridesmaids pose for wedding portrait - Houston texasWedding Family Group Portrait in Church - Houston texasMethodist Church  - Wedding Portrait - Austin TexasBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer Portrait
Bride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitBride with a boquet in a Houston Bridal Photographer PortraitTokyo Wedding Photographer - The Rings - Las Vegas, NevadaBrides wedding Ring - Wedding Ring Photography in Houston TexasGrooms Wedding Ring - Wedding Ring Photographer in Houston Texas
Houston Ring Photography - Chapelwood Church, Houston TexasSmall Wine Bottles, wedding event photos,  Navasota, TexasCake Photos - Navasota, TexasDelicious Wedding Cake Photographer - Maggiano's Little Italy Restaurant - 2019 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX, 77056Delicious Wedding Cake Photographer - Houston Texas

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Digital Images
Many clients ask the question, "Who gets to keep the negatives?" We do not use negatives anymore! All of our images are captured in high resolution digital files. A CD or DVD of the images of your event can be made for you, and two backup archives are made and then stored in separate locations. This is additional assurance that the images of your event will be available when needed.

High Quality Images
We have the ability to shoot 21MP+ images. The more detail in the image, the larger you can print your photo without sacrificing detail.

Not from Houston?
Not a problem, we will come to you. Both National and International travel is welcome.

The Shot List
Shot List
A shot list shot list includes the 'must-have' shots that you want your photographer to capture. The basic list includes: wedding party, blended family, bride with parents, groom with parents, bride with siblings, groom with siblings, bride with each bridesmaid, groom with each groomsman, bride/groom with flower girl, bride/groom with ring bearer, down the aisle, first kiss, newlyweds exiting ceremony, first dance, father-daughter dance, bride & groom's hands, cake cutting and the bouquet toss. It is important to make a shot list to ensure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

Common Wedding Photography Poses
(Before the Reception or Ceremony)
- Bride alone (full length)
- Bride with Maid of Honor
- Bride with bridesmaids
- Groom with bridesmaids
- Bride with parents
- Bride & Groom together
- Bride & Groom with parents
- Bride & Groom with families
- Bride & Groom with entire wedding party
- Bride & Groom with flower girl and ring bearer
- Groom with parents
- Groom with best man
- Groom with groomsmen
- Bride with groomsmen

Wedding Packages
(Updated 2010 packages now available upon request via our contact form at the top of the page.)
Our packages include your engagement portrait and 5 hours of coverage at your wedding as well as a DVD slideshow. After the wedding we help you design your album to recreate your special day. We want you to have an amazing book and a great experience!

Common Options Available:
- 21 Megapixel wedding images
- Unlimited coverage of your wedding
- Multiple photographers
- Wedding albums (photo album, art book, magazine style, custom tailored to fit you)
- All photos (JPG or RAW)
- Engagement photos
- Bridal portraits
- Reception photos
- Slide shows to music
- Prints; paintings, framed portraits
- National and International travel available
- Web site with on-line viewing for guests & family
- Custom options such as; Wedding photos loaded on a new IPOD, Table cameras, and more.



Wedding Albums and Wedding Books

The Wedding Book
Custom Minds is proud to present the Wedding Book... a unique timeless storybook filled with countless, beautiful photographs to remind you of your special day.


With five different layouts, the storybook is designed to complement your pictures. It is a timeless reminder of your special day.

The book is bound using a continuous page binding system allowing every page to open flat and creating a beautiful panoramic view.


Book Covers
There are numerous book covers personalized with your images to choose from. These include soft silk, transparent, embossed leather, premium grade Italian leather and leatherette, you can tailor the book to your likeness.

Using the highest quality 4-color digital offset printing, your book can be printed on smooth or textured paper as well as traditional or new metallic paper.

The new "Landscape book"
This model, available in 8x12, 9.5x13, 12x16 and 13x17 fits all our graphic layouts (print and bind service also) and all the covers catalogue. Printing technologies are the same as vertical models. Small landscape copies of the main book are 8x6, 5x4, 4x2.5, 2.5x2 sized.

The new book 6x8
The latest born among small copies, 6x8 represents one of the amazing news of Q1 2006. Together with 8" x 6" and 6" x 6", these new sizes use a dust jacket paper cover to increase the already wide array of options for your wedding book.

The new cover code 200
This book has a modern appeal of a reinvented classic. The cover offers a sepia or black and white photographic insert that is incorporated into the photo story instead of being simply a cover. You also have the option to imprint your names and/or the special date on the cover. The code 200 cover, available according to all sizes in our catalogue, is produced with a high quality leatherette: a brand new Sienna brown named F4 and the black F3, with respect to the sepia insert and the black one

Photo Guest Book
Traditionally, guest books only include names and addresses. Our photo guest books include a Polaroid picture taken at the reception that is inserted into the book next to their well wishes. This beautiful keepsake can be displayed next to your wedding album to remind you of your special day and can be shared with friends and family for years to come.

Cutting Costs

Wedding Photos

Ask to capture only the posed formal wedding photographs. Supplement your formal photos by asking a few friends to snap candid pictures during the reception.

Wedding Album Cost?
Leather albums can be expensive but fortunately there are many options to choose from. If you have a tight budget we can offer alternatives. If you cannot afford a book, we can supply your pictures so you can piece it together at your own pace. Please use acid free paper if you decide to do it yourself.

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