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Many photo booths in Houston offer the “filmstrip.”   Don’t go for the filmstrip photo booth, they are tiny and useless.  They don’t even fit snugly into a wallet.  Our huge 6″ x 8″ (or 4″x6″) photo booth is the way to go.  While filmstrips get lost, our huge prints give your guests a highly valued gift they can display at their house and enjoy for many years to come.  (actual size comparison below for filmstrip vs our 6″x8″)

Houston Photo Lounge


We can take and print multiple photos of whoever visits the booth.  More photos? no problem!

Here are a few samples of the 6″x8″ print in the black matte frames.  (4″x6″ prints look the same but are halfsize of the 6″x8″)

houston photo booth prints


6″x8″ Print Booth RATES:

4″x6″ Print Booth RATES:


Also note we can provide photo envelopes for an additional rate.  They are a nice finishing touch for your event!  (as seen above)

houston photo booth envelope options

White envelopes = $45/hour*
Premium black matte envelopes = $95/hour*

*each and every visitor that has a photo gets one.

** printed envelopesare a nice finishing touch, but they are not required.

Samples of the photo booth/photo lounge in action.


fertitta house party

budweiser party


edwards cinema

Contact form. - Contact us for more information